Find New Ways To Use A Tried and Trusted Security Feature – The Driveway Alarm!

The function of a driveway alarm would seem apparent to most people. To monitor your driveway, of course. These wonderfully helpful marvels of technology have been assisting home and business owners for decades. Having recently moved to a rural area in South Western Ontario, I have noticed no exception. Driveway monitoring devices are as popular here as they were when I lived in much more populated areas of Ontario.

I have discovered – since moving to this rural area, that people who own livestock are using these devices in different and very clever ways! Multi-zoned driveway alarms are being used as perimeter fencing. No more phone calls in the middle of the night from the neighbor reporting that the cows have gotten out and are chewing up his lawn! A laneway sensor was the perfect solution to this kind of issue!

Installing a multi-zone driveway alarm allows the rancher to know when and at what area the fence had been breached. This saves time and effort finding the hole in the fence and allows the rancher to go directly to where the livestock are escaping. Since voice recording for each zone is possible – there is no confusion in the middle of the night trying to sort out which ‘beep’ type the alarm was.

Another area for these multi-zone units to used – can be property security. Instead of being concerned only with what is ‘leaving’ the fenced area – a driveway alarm can indicate a zone that was being entered. Trespassing animals or humans will sound an alarm as well if the perimeter is broken. As before, with the voice recording alert for each zone – knowing where to search your property quickly can determine if there is a real threat to your livestock or barn/farm house.

Many driveway alarm systems can be used in conjunction with handheld receivers, allowing ranchers the mobility they require to continue their normal day to day routine. Depending on the size of your property – a long range handheld receiver may also be a consideration worth looking into. These handheld receivers can clip onto your belt and be carried anywhere within a four mile radius of your property.

Living in a rural area with long driveways, open fields and barely visible perimeters can make it difficult to maintain total security. A driveway alarm, alerting you to incoming and outgoing movement can provide a much needed audible alarm system.

Practical Wedding Favors for Any Budget – Inexpensive Need Not Mean Cheap Party Favor Giveaways

Giving wedding favors is a tradition reception guests have come to expect, and many are excited to see what unique gifts they may come away with from the reception party.

Increasingly, brides are choosing keepsake gifts that come from a wide range of favors that have practical use. Not just a throwaway trinket, but a party gift that provides real usefulness for your guests.

Practical Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are some fantastic wedding favor ideas that your wedding guests will be sure to love and some of the hottest ideas this wedding season!

  1. Espresso Cup Favors. Practical, elegant and truly useful. What coffee affecionado doesn’t love sipping espresso with friends. Their relatively small size makes them affordable too, and they come in various styles and themes often referred to as “bomboniere” by Europeans.
  2. Towel Cake Favors. Fun and practical for any home, they’re perfect hand towel-ettes you can use in the bathroom or bar. Great for baby washes, too!
  3. Candle Wedding Favors. The traditional favourite is a mainstay and is the ultimate practical party favor. Great votive candles and tea light holders are also available in extraordinary designs. A favourite is definitely the lantern candle holders.
  4. Bottle Stopper Favors. Who doesn’t like a fine wine? Having a drink or two means leftover wine in the bottle and bottle stopper favors are a great keepsake to preserve it for your next meal or patio time – now that’s practical!
  5. Manicure – Pedicure Set Favors! Although perfect bridal shower favors, you might consider them for your wedding, too. C’mon men, we know you secretly love your pedicures! Try these useful giveaway gifts and watch your wedding reception guests rave!

Practicality Favors Meet Affordability

All of these practical wedding favors don’t have to cost a fortune as many can be purchased online for only a few dollars each – which is well within budget by today’s standards when it comes to favors for weddings. Here’s some tips for buying on a budget, too!

  1. Look for Deals – the internet provides you the best deals on wedding favors. Look at several wedding stores specializing in party favors and you’ll quickly get price comparisons.
  2. Get Free Shipping – try not to pay high shipping costs. Often, volume purchases get you free shipping with buld favor retailers.
  3. Consider Value - Avoid “dollar store” items as their practicality often extends to one-use…not so practical are they (and can you hear the whispers now from your wedding guests saying you gave them cheap wedding favors!).

I hope these practical wedding favor ideas help you both find great party favors for your wedding guests while staying within your reception budget!